Can You Be In Love With A Man Online?

Have you ever been in love with a man online, a man you have never even met?

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Have you ever experienced strong feelings of chemistry, attraction and longing for him while communicating over digital media, so much so that it felt real to you?

Have you exchanged promises, professed deep love and spilled out intimate details over digital devices, only to feel confused and heart-broken upon his unexplained absence or outright disappearance?

All of a sudden, your heart feels jolted and you wonder if those words you both exchanged meant anything at all?

If you said “yes” to being in any of those situations, it’s possible that you have fallen in love with a man online – and rest assured, you are not alone.

Why Is It Easy For A Woman To Fall In Love With A Man Online?

In my field of work as a love and relationship coach, countless women come to me with stories of how they fell in love with a man they met online (not once in real life) and how it ended up badly after an initial phase of “online high.”

As a general trend in most of these cases, intense conversations and promises take place over Skype, phone and Facebook chats and give the woman the illusion that she is in a “real relationship”. While the man may not necessarily be trying to trick or fool her, the real question is…

… Even if you feel you’ve fallen in love with a man online, is it wise and beneficial for you to get so invested when you haven’t even met him once?

Can You Be In Love With A Man Online

Let’s look at Morgan’s Question…

“Hi Sami. A friend referred me to you for advice. I’m a single mom of two kids. Earlier this year, I became friends with a guy on Facebook. We maintained the friendship and he always praised me on how intelligent and strong I am. I used to ignore his signals, since I didn’t want him to think of me as being easy and desperate, and since I’m the one who sent him the friend request.

Come May this year, and he admitted to falling for me. I couldn’t resist it, since I had feelings for him too. From chats to calls, that’s how we kept in touch. He talked of courting for 7 years without sex which we agreed to preserve for marriage. His reason for that long period of courtship was that he’d be able to give me a wedding and will have made enough money to care for me and the kids.

Last week I asked him if he’s on Skype, he said “no” but will join once he buys a laptop. The following day he told me he’s available on Skype and I just told him “nice”. He never replied. The following day, he changed his number to a number he gave me in March. On asking him why things were changing he said that he still loves me and is still planning on visiting me since he’s from a neighbouring country. He still assured me of our marriage.

He has now again gone for 4 days without communication, and I am feeling horrible. Did I say something bad that hurt him? Has he found a new passion? Has my being insecure pushed him away? I really love him and would like to have him back. Please tell me what to do. Thanks in advance. ~ Morgan.”

For those of us reading this letter objectively, it might already feel “too much” that a man and a woman that have never met each other are discussing plans for courtship and marriage. However, I have to tell you, it happens all the time and, for the woman that it happens to, the pain of being in love with a man online is as real as the promises that were made to her.

Morgan – The first thing to learn here as a woman is that (and this might trigger you and make you get defensive):

There Is No Real Relationship Until You Have Met the Man in Person

Everything virtual (chats over computer, Skype, texts, emails and phone calls) don’t amount to a real relationship until you have physically met the man, at least once, and felt each other’s energy in person.

In the current era of information technology and digital romance, the lines between a real relationship and what I call an “instant virtual relationship” may feel blurry, thus putting many women in a position to feel in love with a man online.

So what is the difference between the two?

A real relationship is where you meet the man and the relationship progresses from online chatting, to texting, to phone calls, to real dates, to commitment. Real relationships move forward and evolve in real life, instead of getting stuck and stagnant on a virtual medium.

On the other hand, an “instant virtual relationship” is where connection and chemistry is felt instantly between you and a man over a virtual medium.

You feel swept by the urgency of the moment and declarations of love and promises are made online, without ever facing the “normal discomfort” that a real relationship needs and requires – planning to meet, meeting and experiencing each other in person, spending money on dates, investing “real” time and effort into another person.

Now, there is no need to assume that there is any false intention on the man’s part (absolutely not, in fact most men are being true in the moment and many relationships do go on to develop from online mediums into real life). However, this kind of “instant rushing” into a relationship where you tell a man “I love you” without ever meeting the man can be premature and leave you vulnerable to being over-invested in him.

Real love takes time to build and, even if it goes fast, it has to be in person and not over a computer. So next time, Morgan, before investing your emotions so heavily in a man, make sure you have met him and experienced him in person at least once.

Even When You Have Met Him, Take Your Time Before Discussing Serious Topics Like Marriage and Kids

Marriage and taking care of kids are serious topics that need real responsibility and commitment. No man in his wildest dreams will be ready to take and deliver such responsibility unless he is completely, truly, emotionally invested in you.

When you rush to discuss such things with a half stranger because you think you have fallen in love with a man online, these topics lose their sanctity and seriousness. It’s too much, too soon.

You can almost compare it to “kid talk”, where two children indulge in quick, intimate fancy about the future, without bearing in mind any repercussions and real actions that must be taken to achieve this fantasy.

Date Other Men In Your Area

This might be the hardest part for you to hear, Morgan, but start dating other men in your area. I don’t want you to get all hung up and keep your emotions heavily invested on a guy that lives in another country and whom you haven’t even met once.

Even though the connection feels strong to you, there can be no “real love” here, not yet.

As a love coach, I can bet you my bottom dollar that if he means any business, he will step up and visit you and make this virtual relationship into a real one by consistently contacting you and taking action to make it happen. Until then, your job is to keep your options open and give other good men a chance, the men who might actually want to give you everything you want.

Instant virtual relationships can often cause more pain than good. It is in our best interest to take them for what they truly are, virtual, and not jump into hasty conclusions about their depth and intensity, until they have manifested as real in our lives.

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Sami Wunder

Content reproduced from the author’s article originally published on Digital Romance.


Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

9 thoughts on “Can You Be In Love With A Man Online?”

  1. I read your article and I agree with a few points you have made, but in general I have to disagree with your point in saying an online relationship is not a ” real relationship” My husband and I met online through a virtual online game and for us it was a genuine real relationship during the whole time we conversed on skype, texts, phone and via the game. We took our time to meet face to face and when we did it was even more intense and real. (we met for the first time and he never left) He moved State to State to be with me. Fast forward to today we have been happily married for almost 5 years. I wouldn’t change a thing! So YES for us it was real love and a real relationship and we defied the odds according to your article.

    1. Hi Carrie! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. The point of the article is not to question the possibility of real relationships materializing through online mediums. It is to remind women to not get overtly invested until they have met the man in person. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same luck as you and there are thousands of women out there who get scammed, get their hearts broken and sometimes even cheated on with their money in fake online relationships. I am so happy for you that it worked out 🙂 Love, Sami

  2. Hi Sami,

    Excuse me asking this question here, I’m not sure if it’s the right place… What is the deal with a man whom you met online, you meet very soon after and you go on to have 3 great dates. He keeps in touch regularly and says how he misses me and would love to see me. He works away but it would definitely be possible for him to fit in seeing me or for me to go to him, but no further dates for the last few weeks, though he has alluded to several but they have not materialised since our last date 2 weeks ago. What is the deal with that? Why do men keep in touch and tell you how they want to see you and then not follow through?

  3. Hi Indigo!
    To cut through the chase – he is not feeling “enough attraction.” He is feeling attracted to you but not enough to compel him to see you and make an effort and go out of his way. I am sorry if this sounds too direct but this is the way I coach!! I like women to see things for what they truly are not stay stuck for long in circles and winding thoughts.

    A “why” here is a purely mental engagement and neither you nor I can be sure of any answer we come up with. He could be busy, he could be far away. The bottomline, as I already said, is always attraction -because how far a man will go for you is pretty proportional to the intensity of the attraction he feels for you.

    He probably will make a plan in the future – if you can let it be the way it is and let it go in your head and heart at least “energetically.” Love, Sami

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