Coronavirus And Dating: 5 Reasons Why It Could Be An Opportunity For Your Love Life

The Covid-19 virus has taken the global community by surprise, bringing with it fear and despair. In this blog post, I will present my view as a love expert, on the topic of coronavirus and dating. Can coronavirus and dating even coexist?

For me personally, the situation these past few weeks has been a humbling experience. It’s shown us that we are in this together and we are so intimately connected as a human race when it comes to vulnerabilities such as sickness, life and death that do not differentiate between socio-economic status or color of skin.

That we must act as a conscious collective to fight the disease and carefully consider the risks our actions can pose to society, the elderly and our health workers, if we do not take the necessary precautions.

And while I have had my own set of fears, living in a Coronavirus HOT ZONE (we have over 2000 people infected in the NRW State where I live in Germany), as a family we are determined to choose faith over fear and act like responsible, caring citizens who take the needful measures and use this time at home to appreciate family life and intimacy. Both Chris and my little one Aaron will be staying home for the next 5 weeks, as instructed by the government.

Now as a love coach, I’ve been receiving dozens of questions around dating and how the coronavirus will be impacting our love lives and romantic relationships. Should you or should you not date? Does the coronavirus imply that your love goals must now face massive delay?

These are some of the questions I am answering in this blogpost.

coronavirus and dating

So here’s the thing:

While I believe that it’s not smart in the current circumstances to show up for dating in crowded restaurants or to meet / kiss strangers who could be carriers of the disease, I don’t believe that your love life has to come to a screeching halt because of this.

In fact, here are my 5 reasons why I see COVID-19 could be an opportunity in disguise for your love life, if you choose to make it so:

1. COVID-19 Will Help You Slow Down

If you’re anything like my classic client, you’re successful, in-demand and a busy bee. You probably take long hours to commute back and forth from work, your weekdays are jam-packed with endless appointments and rushing from one social event to the next.

Thanks to COVID-19, you’re going to be forced to slow down. There is no other choice.

Whether you like it or not, you will be forced to confront what it means to be home alone and not escape your loneliness by rushing to an event or over-booking your calendar.

What this could also mean is that you finally can give yourself permission to slow down (a key element of Feminine Energy), de-stress, de-tox, get better sleep and take care of that tired, over-worked body temple of yours.

It is deceptively easy to try to learn the principles of Feminine Energy theoretically but what really makes a difference is being able to LIVE these principles. Through self-care, through meditation, through slowing down our minds and finding the TIME to connect with our bodies and emotional world.

Even with all its challenge, the Universe is presenting you this beautiful opportunity right now. Make it count!

2. Coronavirus And Dating: Make Your Love Life A Priority

Ironically, observing social distancing or even quarantine in extreme cases, does not have to lead to a complete fall out of your love life, as many single women fear.

In fact, for many busy bees amongst you, the new circumstances with the coronavirus give you time and space to actually make your love life a priority for a change.

If you’re anything like who I used to be or my clients, work is your most natural go-to mode and priority.

But now, with working from home and the reduced stress of commute and meeting with your colleagues, you actually can make time to do the inner work and make your love life a priority.

I will go as far as saying, if you’re smart, you will use the next 2-3 months super wisely, by sharpening your knife in the skills that work in love.

Bottomline: Do not mistake dating as a necessary condition to start learning. When you look at our course curriculum in Leap Into Love for example, you will notice that the first two modules have nothing to do with dating at all. The first two modules are all about mastering your energy, limiting beliefs around love and men, and strengthening the relationship you have with yourself.

You do not have to be actively dating to do this inner work – and yet when you do it now, when spring arrives and things are better, you will be in ready position to get going.

By the way, we are opening enrolment for Leap Into Love on 24th March for our waitlist only. It is my most advanced inner work program for the high-achieving single woman, looking to attract her One, and it has some terrific results and case studies, that you can check out by clicking here.

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3. Increase Home Dates And Appreciate Intimate Time Together

For our not-so-fresh singles (i.e. women who already have consistent men in their rotation) or for ladies who are seeing a man exclusively, again things don’t have to completely fall apart.

Unless you’re in complete quarantine and banned from moving around even in your car (in which case, please respect the bans and use your phone to stay connected!), you still have the option to meet your man in his or your home.

Of course, this assumes a level of trust and comfort that has already been built and a basic agreement that both of you are taking all precautionary measures like non-exposure to suspected carriers, washing hands frequently, wearing a mask / gloves or following whatever the relevant protocol may be in your respective states.

In fact, these cozy home dates can be such a beautiful way to get to know each other more intimately and experience what it means to support each other through hard times such as these.

For some time, one can simply forget the fancy restaurants and Broadway shows and enjoy cooking a healthy meal of chicken and green veggies together at home, while dancing to Frank Sinatra.

This is what Chris and I are doing, and we are loving the time we get to spend together.

4. Get Your Online Dating MOJO Back!

Do you swipe left and right on Tinder all day long, just so you can get some dates quickly?

Do you often skip my famous recommendation of taking it slow and getting to know the guy on the phone (once or twice) before you meet on a date?

Well, now is the perfect time to get to know wonderful men and develop some emotional connection before you meet them in real life.

By the time the sun shines brightly again and chases away the virus or we have found a vaccination, you will have a nice set of “homeworked” men to bring to the table for real dates.  How diva is that, now?

But this will only happen, when you keep going in the next 2-3 months vs. letting what’s happening completely derail your love life.

The truth is that we are in circumstances that we’ve never witnessed before, and all sensible men and women will respect your choice to delay meeting or meet only in free open areas such as parks / or for nature walks until things start to look better.

5. Appreciate What Truly Matters!

I don’t know what’s it like for you, but here in my home, COVID-19 has facilitated even more closeness between my parents, my in-laws and us.

Everybody seems to have put their ego aside (whatever little bickerings they had), and seem to really care for each other. My inbox is full of loving messages from my clients. I’ve never appreciated my husband’s presence and love and that of my son’s, as much as I feel it now.

If you’re single, let this situation remind you of the one thing that TRULY matters in life – and no it is not your career success, money or the number of countries you travel to.

It is love.

Love is the ultimate reality, and it’s what your soul is here to experience.

Let this be that reminder and let these tough circumstances further STRENGTHEN (not diminish) your faith in your desire for love.

Leap Into Love is the perfect online solution for times such as these to do the inner work from the comfort of your homes and get into ready position. Get on the waitlist for its launch on 24th March by clicking here.

And if you’re in a relationship or married, use this intimate time together to appreciate what it means to have family. Appreciate what it means to love someone, to care about someone else’s well-being as much as you care for yourself. To feel vulnerable and yet so deeply powerful and potent at the same time because of the power of that love.

I wish you all GOOD health, good mood, faith in your immune system and may the universe be with us all.

We shall get through this, together.

Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

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