How To Recognize Scammers On Online Dating Websites

Hi Divas,

Off late, I have come across several women who are encountering “scammers” on online dating websites.

Who are these scammers?

Scammers are men with fraud online profiles, looking to cheat you out of your money.

Those of you who have privately worked with me or engaged with my work know that I highly encourage women to online date. It’s one of the fastest and most efficient ways to meet eligible quality men in your area. However, like everything else in life, online dating too has its pitfalls.

With men lurking in every nook and corner to take advantage of your vulnerability and make money out of you, several women on my private Facebook support group Wunder divas (join me here!) asked if there was a quick way to identify these online scammers.

The whole aim of online dating is to move quickly from online to real life using a process I lay out in detail in my E-book – “Your Feminine Roadmap To His Commitment.” Scammers try to avoid meeting you quickly in person because they want to stretch out the “chatting” experience online  – it buys them time to preserve their lies and to develop a soft corner in your heart first.

In order to help you save time and quickly filter out such men on dating websites and save you from unnecessary heart-break or investment, I have identified the top 5 characteristics of scammers for you –

1. They are always abroad (or not where you live) handling a major project somewhere (often claiming to be in the army) or attending a family tragedy.

2. They try to prey on your emotions or sympathetic nature. If you are a struggling single mom, a widow or someone going through a break-up, you are an easier target for them. They will lure you in with their supremely kind words and emotional talk.

3. They are short of money. They almost always ask for help with money but they only do it once they have hooked you emotionally. It will look like – ” Hey. I really want to see you this weekend darling but I don’t have enough money for a plane ticket. Can you help me with the ticket this time?”

4. They often display confusing discrepancies in their behavior. For instance, they will say they have been busy the last days but their online profile will tell you that they have been “last active” 5 hours ago (probably chatting up other victims). Again, they might call you using a number that is not from the country they are claiming to be in.

5. They display intensity in communication and things tend to escalate with them very fast online. From ” I like you” to “I love you” in a few days time making you feel like you are in a relationship.

Scammers is one of the reasons why I recommend women not to waste much time online chatting but to move quickly from online to real life relationship. It helps you see very quickly what the man is made of up and whether he matches everything he has been claiming.

If you have been scammed online, you are not alone. Some very smart women I know, including my private client, a lady doctor from Chicago, has been cheated on her money this way.

The best method in online dating is to stick to my following rules – spend less time online chatting and meet the person in question quickly, never ever, ever offer money under any circumstances and trust your gut if something feels wrong.

Lastly, please do block and report a scammer on the respective website to prevent him from preying on other innocent women.

Love, Sami

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Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

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