Reignite His Love For You

Harmonize, Heal and Transform your Relationship

If your man is being cold, distant or aloof, I know how painful and confusing it can feel.

You've probably tried everything to win back his attention: cooked him his favourite meals, ironed his clothes, offered him a back massage and even supported him actively in his struggles.

And yet, nothing changes!

 You don't get his affection back. 

 You don't get more calls and texts and dates. 

 You don't get a deeper commitment (if that's what you're lOOking for). 

 You don't get more sex, more hugs, more flowers or "I love you"-s 

In fact, it's devastating when you see that he gets more and more distant and mean after your efforts. It feels like a nightmare coming true.

If you can relate to any of that, please know that I get it, and that you're not alone.

A few years back, before I knew these tools that I teach today to thousands of women and which helped me build an amazing marriage with my husband, I made every possible mistake in the book, so to speak.

My ex boyfriend kept withdrawing, while I tried hard to save the relationship and waited around for him to offer me the ring.

I loved him, but my insides felt so insecure and full of anxiety every time he came around. I could feel in my bones that something wasn't right, and, in spite of my efforts, he was going further away from me.


I still remember my shock on the day he told me - "he didn't see a future for us together."

And yet here I am today, happily married with my handsome man, 6 ft 2 inches tall, a man who literally worships the ground I walk on, a man who is more than a woman could ever hope for.

Once you know how men and relationships really work, you can literally heartbreak-proof your relationship now and forever and start enjoying all the good offerings of a loving relationship - laughter, togetherness, great sex, emotional intimacy and support.

You can live your "daily" happily ever after with your wonderful man, just like I do today.
Can You Turn Around Your Relationship Fate, TOO?

The truth is that it's very hard to not go into despair when all our efforts have not been working out.

It's also very hard to follow advice that says: "Let him go. You deserve better."

Deep in our hearts, we're always asking ourselves, "What if there's a chance to turn this around? What if I could do something to inspire his affection for me, instead of letting him go?"

Most important thing, you love him.

I hear you, and I want to tell you!


There's hope, all is not lost, and you, tOO, can transform your relationship fate just like I did mine, and so did hundreds of my clients.

With the exact tools I will be teaching you, in the Reignite His Love Teleclass, you will learn brand-new ways of dating and relating with your man, that will instantly start to inspire his passion for you again.

It's not magic, but it feels like that, because it works so fast on men.

Turning around relationships is my specialiality, and you're going to be amazed at how life-changing this product will be for your relationship.

As soon as you start implementing the tools and information I will be providing to you in this teleclass, here are the results you can expect:


  • More attention from him. 

  • More effort from his side into making the relationship work. 

  • More calls and texts and dates from him. 

  • More feelings of confidence, security and peace for you in the relationship. 

My clients have gone from wanting to break up and divorce their men, to being engaged and re-creating the most amazing marriage ever.

Meet Amy from the US

"I could write Sami Wunder a testimonial of a 1000 words.

I found Sami in a moment when I thought that, if this didn't help either, I was ready to end my marriage of 20 years.

This woman saved my marriage and made it turn into this loving, supportive, amazing relationship. I haven't felt so close to my husband in years.

I will be forever indebted to you, Sami."

~ Amy, United States

Meet Shahrzad from the US

"When I came to Sami, I felt lost. I knew how to attract a man and have a boyfriend, but it was always as far as it went. They didn’t want to commit to me fully, and I would just break things off out of frustration, after years of waiting.

I didn’t want this to happen with my current man, so this time I sought help.

And guess what? After 5 months of starting to coach with Sami, he proposed. I’m happily engaged now, and I can’t believe how FAST things turned around.

Sami, you basically made my life exactly the way I wanted it to be. Thank you! It was worth every penny!"

~ Shahrzad, United States

Women pay thousands of euros to work with me in my group programs or get to talk to me privately.

At the price of 47 Euros for this Masterclass, I wish to give back to my amazing community and help you have access to the amazing tools and relationship skills that transformed my love life, and that of so many of my clients.

Here's what you get upon joining this program for the 47 euro price: 

Icons (4)

1) A 90 minutes intensive training MASTERCLASS, packed with the tools and information you will need to turn your relationship around. You will receive an email with your links to hear the Masterclass on the Paypal email address you will use to pay. 

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3) A mini workbook to self-reflect and integrate the learnings from the teachings. 

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2) A BONUS Video Interview with my client Amy on how she used my tools to save her relationship from divorce and bring back her man's adoration back into her life. 

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4) A 20 min Q&A round at the end of the Masterclass to learn from the experiences of other women. 

At the end of the Masterclass class, you will understand:


  • The truth about how men behave in relationships so that you're never guessing again.
  • A man's most fundamental desire in a relationship, and what he wants to feel with you.
  • The 2 mistakes you're making that are killing his attraction for you.
  • The 3 steps to turning your relationship around permanently.

I cannot wait to see you turn your relationship around and reignite his love for you!



Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is this a recorded Masterclass or a live Masterclass?

This is a pre-recorded Masterclass lasting around 90+ minutes. The recording is forever yours to keep and re-visit, as and when you feel the need.

2. I am single. Is it suitable content for me?

Absolutely. Hundreds of single women have loved the Masterclass. They´re preparing themselves for what´s coming very soon to them 🙂

3. I have a friend who has major issues in her marriage. Will this help her?

Yes. Please forward this link to her. This stuff has the power to transform and save her marriage. You will be collecting tonnes of good karma. 🙂


Since this is a downloadable digital product, all sales are final. Thank You.