Relationship Trends In 2020: My 9 Predictions

Starting this year, each year I will be putting out my yearly predictions in romantic relationships and how I see our society developing when it comes to dealing with our love lives. Below are my 9 predictions for relationship trends in 2020.

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The predictions below are based on my experience as a leading global love coach, working with hundreds of highly ambitious, professional women through various seminars, luxury retreats, private coaching and group support programs, and having helped over 160 of my clients attract their soulmate love in the 4 years since starting my coaching practice.

Excited? Let’s dive right in!

relationship trends in 2020

Prediction #1 For Relationship Trends In 2020: Old fashioned dating will keep getting trendier.

Simply put, no matter how strong, gorgeous and amazing a woman is, chasing a man was never trendy before, and will not be trendy in 2020. 

In fact, the concepts of feminine energy, leaning back and letting men do the heavy lifting in relationships will continue to gather mainstream attention, given how unsuccessful and tired women are getting at love, when they’re the ones leading and pushing and planning it all. 

Prediction #2: Feminism and femininity will go together.

The divide between feminism and femininity will diminish. They will be seen less as opposing forces and more as forces that both empower women, in different ways.  

The strong, professional woman will increasingly understand that feminism that brings her 50:50 at home (chores and household and finances) and gives her more responsibility at work is not necessarily to her advantage. 

She will be more willing to embrace her femininity to have power and influence in the household and in relation to her man. This will also enable her to feel more supported at home, positively impacting her ability to succeed at work, as well! 

Prediction #3: Our lives will get even busier and impact our relationships. 

I’m sorry, this one of the relationship trends in 2020 is not good news. Yes. There is no relief coming as of yet, when it comes to being busy. 

Men and women of dateable ages and within relationships will continue to get busier. This means that those who don’t actively and intentionally make time for love and dating will lose out. No questions asked there. 

Diva tip: Make time for love. Schedule your dating evenings in your calendar already. If you’re married or in a relationship, sit down and schedule your “magical dates” and quality time in your calendar too. Don’t leave love to chance, God or fate.

Prediction #4: Men and women who will put the phone down will win.

Putting your phone down and shutting down your devices daily for at least 3 active hours a day will be critical to the health of your relationship. 

Those who care to switch off from the online world and take time to be truly present and connect with their partners will have a cutting edge when it comes to sustaining love vs. those that don’t. 

Same goes for dates. Put your phone down. Be present. Connect. 

Prediction #5: Dating apps will continue to explode and be the number 1 way potential people match with their partners.

Another one of the relationship trends in 2020 that might upset some people.

It’s a fact that dating apps keep exploding, and I predict that they are nowhere close to stopping. 

Those who refuse to see the benefits of online dating will miss out on the plethora of opportunities it opens up. It is really that simple. 

Diva tip: If you’re single, stay open to online dating. Yes, there’s trash, I hear you my love, but it’s also got amazing men on it. 

Over 70% of my 160 engaged and married clients found their men online. That is a staggering statistic to rely on, even if it annoys you at first!Oh, and these ladies are happily married.

Prediction #6: Love coaching will be in huge demand in 2020.

The coaching and personal help industry is forecast to be a 1.38 billion dollar industry by 2022. 

People are increasingly more open to invest in mentors they trust, and will not shy away from investing in the love department of their lives in 2020. 

What at first felt like an odd investment to make for many, is now becoming the need of the hour. 

The struggle in love is real for millions. The divorce rate is as high as 40% in the United States and 42% in the United Kingdom. 

Smart women (and increasingly more men) are now ready to ask for help vs. trying to figure out the love puzzle on their own. 

Prediction #7: Catching the attention of the opposite sex online will get increasingly difficult. 

While dating apps will boom, catching the attention of the opposite sex will get harder online. 

This means that men and women who care about how they text and show up will win. 

The days of “How are you?” and “I am good. How about you?” are over. They will simply not cut through in the online world. 

With loaded inboxes and an ever decreasing attention span, you’ve got to learn how to stand out in your interactions, if you’re serious about succeeding. 

I know it feels superficial at first, but this is important, and I will ask you to take note of it as one of my most important predicted relationship trends for 2020.

Prediction #8: Those that learn how to silence the mind, will last longer in love.

With a life that is getting busier, attention that is fast dwindling and everything being easy and fast and effortless with digital technology, our minds today run at the speed of light. 

While this is an amazing thing, it is also a curse when it comes to our romantic relationships. 

Our mind strengthens our ego, complicates otherwise simple situations in human interactions, leads to over-thinking and disconnects us from our ability to feel. 

The ability to feel is one that makes us fundamentally human and allows us to love another human being. 

If you know my work a little by now, you know I talk about how the mind is masculine and the connection with our bodies is feminine in Leap Into Love, my advanced inner work program for single ladies.

As women, our strength in love, is defined by our ability to connect with our emotional self vs. our minds. 

Hence, as a woman, learning to silence your mind and connecting more with your body and feelings will ensure your stability and sustenance when it comes to romantic relationships. It is the same for men, the ones who want to be able to support their lady loves with compassion and empathy and not be a bulldozing alpha male. 

Prediction #9: Non-Traditional Marriages Will Be On The Rise 

We will see more non-traditional marriages in 2020. 

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle coming together, they’ve set the trend for an actress to marry into the royal family. Meanwhile, Hindu Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra also married Christian Hollywood star Nick Jonas in two separate, religious wedding ceremonies, just like my husband Chris and I did five years ago. 

Also, both these influential women are older than their men and the trend is clear – Younger men and older women is not an impediment anymore to love, in case anyone ever thought it was. 

That’s it for now my lovely ones. I hope you will let these observations about relationship trends in 2020 guide you and have the most successful year in love in 2020. Team Sami Wunder is here for you if you’d like our help in helping you get ahead in your love life in the new year.

All my love,

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Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

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