Do You Know How To Speak To His Heart?

My client Sarah was about to break up with her man. She wasn’t happy with their living situation. They were living in a shared apartment with his parents, and she wanted a place of her own – understandably so. 

Sarah’s boyfriend had communicated many times to her before, that he would like to live with his parents. 

Sarah was ready to break up her loving relationship of 3 years for this sake. Everything else was great about their relationship, but this was a non-negotiable of hers. 

But just before she broke up, she contacted our team (wise woman!) and asked for an expert opinion! 

I asked her if she had communicated her desire to him of living separately? 

Shockingly, her answer was no. She had just assumed that, because he had said he wants to live with his parents, the answer to her request would be an obvious no. 

I told her she should try. Healthy men want to make their women happy! 

I gave Sarah a word-for-word script that she could replicate, and asked her to bring up this topic with him without delay. 

The next thing I hear a month later is that they’re going house-hunting together and she’s engaged!!!

Now, in your world, this may seem like woo-woo fairy magic – but, in my world, this kind of stuff happens all the time, almost on a daily basis

Such is the power of words.

The right communication, the right words spoken in a way that a man can hear them, can lead to powerful, life-altering results, buildinging deeply intimate relationships and saving many others from falling apart. 

This is why today, at Team Wunder, we are over-the-top excited (think PROM night kind of excitement!) to present to you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity! 

Upon the passionate request of over 300 women in our community and readership, we have created a video coaching program that shows you how to speak directly to a man’s heart, in a non-combative way, that fosters intimacy, enhances attraction, and gets your needs met! 

speak to his heart

Speak To His Heart is a results-oriented program, and we’re proud to say this! 

You will walk out with tangible templates and scripts to say that will get you the results that you’re looking for! 

In this 3-day intense capsule program, you get to learn, step by step, when and how to speak up in a way that gets you heard, understood and, (boy, oh boy!) noticed by the men you’re seeing – or THE man in your life! 

Here’s what you can expect to learn when you dive into Speak To His Heart:

Video 1 – To Speak Or Not To Speak:

  • Understand when to speak up with a man and when silence is more impactful.
  • For the first time ever, get an exact Wunder template that you can use to decide whether or not you want to say something in a given situation with a man.
  • This itself is ground-breaking and worth the investment many times over. We don’t know of anybody else in the industry who is talking about this or doing this. I am so pumped to present this for the first time ever for my clients and community.

Video 2 – Speak To His Heart:

  • Learn the tools that speak directly to a man’s heart.Stop the arguments and conflict dead in its track.
  • Know the “Sandwich tool” from Soulmates Forever, already? Awesome. So much MORE deliciousness and empowerment awaits you!
  • On day 2, we understand how men’s brains work and how to capitalize on that in order to get your needs met.

Video 3 – Scripts That Connect!

  • Too lazy to figure out what to say when a man asks you to split the bill or pushes your boundaries?
  • Too lazy to figure out what to say when a man asks you to split the bill or pushes your boundaries? We’ve got you covered.Word-for-word scripts is part of day 3.
  • I personally show you how to bring together all the knowledge and create powerful, hands-on scripts that speak to a man’s heart – or in some cases, show him that YOU are the diva in his town! 😉

Copy, paste, rinse, repeat and celebrate. Watch the results coming in, as men cannot help but be drawn to you, your inner confidence and diva power. 

Money, boundaries, physical intimacy, all covered from A to Z. 

Your investment? 

Just 397 euros !

It takes thousands to work with me privately or on my VIP Masterminds. We know that not every woman can invest those amounts of money into self development. 

Hence, if you’ve not been able to dive in before into the Wunder work, this is your golden diva chance to create solid results in your love life.

Let’s start expressing ourselves more to our men. 

Let’s feel more connected. 

Let’s feel more diva. 

Let’s feel more in love, with them AND with ourselves for speaking our truth!

Dedicated to your success in love,
Sami Wunder

P.S. Before you check out, you will notice we’ve offered you the opportunity to sign up for a very special masterclass, The Feminine Art Of Texting, for just 99 euros! This is gold video training, straight from my Inner Circle program, and won’t be on sale by itself ever. If it calls you, top up Speak To His Heart with this special cookie! 

Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

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