The Truth About Men In Love: 4 Things He’ll Never Tell You

When it comes to understanding the truth about men in love, the very first thing we need to remember is that men are not women with bigger, hairier bodies. Instead, they are wired differently in many aspects, including how they relate in romantic relationships and dating!

Today, I am revealing 5 things that a man would never tell you about himself, but which will certainly help you understand him better!

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

Your man loves you, but you’re suddenly missing the fire and you’re wondering what you can do to make him come back to you like bees to honey… Talking about it doesn’t seem to help… 


You tell your man what self-development book he should read to fix his particular issue at work or with his family, and he just snaps back at you like an angry kid… You were just trying to help, right?


You just surprised your husband with a trip to his dream destination and spent half your salary trying to make it perfect for him, but his response to your present was lukewarm and far from excitement. What’s wrong with him? DUH!

truth about men in love

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Men Can Be Confusing When We Don’t Understand Them 

I know, men can feel confusing when we don’t understand them, and maybe you have noticed that the harder you try to please them, the more angry and irritable they get with you. I know it can be a crazy cycle of you trying to do your best and him getting resentful with you for doing it. 

However, please rest assured that once you “DO” start understanding the truth about men in love (and I am here to help you do just that!), they’re the most predictable and simple creatures on planet earth. They truly are, my loves. 

Now, this isn’t just any generic information like “a man likes to make you happy” (although he totally does!) 

This is information that is GOLD, because a man will NEVER tell you this about himself.

Remember, he most probably doesn’t even know these things about himself, intellectually, as he is instinct- and not head-based around you. 

Now keeping these tips in mind will ensure you have a happy, fun and juicily romantic relationship, vs. one where there is stress, unmet expectations and disappointment

Ready? Let’s go!

4 Things A Man Will Never Tell You About Himself:

Truth About Men In Love #1: “I lose attraction when you do so much for me.” 

Yes, your date or your boyfriend or husband will never say this to you, but when you give a lot to him and do many things for him, he starts to lose attraction for you. So put a break on the over-giving tendencies!

Don’t try to baby him or smother him. Remember, you are the queen and he should be worrying about how to impress you and smother you with gifts and attention!

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Truth About Men In Love #2:

“Can you ignore me sometimes? It turns me on and makes me come stronger for you.”

Again, this is something a man will never tell you himself, only Sami Wunder will, because she loves you…

Ignoring a man, including your man, once in a while, is a great way to bring his attention back on you. 

By default, men are problem fixers. When you’re always there and fine with everything, he will focus his attention on solving other problems.

However, when you ignore him slightly, he will notice that your attention on him is dwindling and will come begging back, asking you: “What is wrong, my love?” 

That is the time you can do a little girlie giggle at just how predictable he is, and do a fairy dance in your living room out of joy because you just mastered a major attraction skill. The skill of ignoring a man! 

Remember, he wants it – to a healthy degree, of course! 

Truth About Men In Love #3:

“I don’t want to be fixed. I want to be respected and accepted by my dream girl!”

Telling your girlfriend or sister that they should check out Sami Wunder’s relationship and dating advice is cool. Telling your man the same is NOT.

He will resent you for it. Yes, I too have a woman’s heart, and I know how hard and frustrating it is to see our men struggle with something for which there is a quick solution. And yet, remembering that you’re his wife / his girlfriend / his date, and NOT his therapist or coach, will result in huge benefits to your relationship. 

Whenever you feel the urge to counsel or fix your man, cello tape your mouth and don’t tell him how he can do better! He wants to feel respected by his woman and accepted by her, not fixed and coached.

Truth About Men In Love #4:

“Long debates exhaust me. Instead, make me FEEL something, and I’ll respond faster.”

A Wunder Diva or a high-value woman learning the skills and craft of feminine energy, understands that men don’t respond to words. They respond to space, silence, voids and pain. 

Why? This is because space, void, and silence all make him “feel” something that words do not, especially if those words are repeated and said over and over again. It’s like his brain has already tuned off before you came to the point of what you wanted. 

Hence, if you’re not happy with your man or date, instead of delivering him a big lecture and debating and arguing with him, make him feel something. Get quiet. Create space. 

When he comes looking for, let him know in a calm and graceful way what is upsetting you. I promise you, he will listen way more attentively than those times when you went on and on talking about the problem!

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Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

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