Use Feminine Energy To Get A Man To Chase You

In today’s video blog, we’re going to be talking about how to use Feminine Energy to get a high-quality man to chase you. If you’re a successful woman, and you would very much like an amazing man to pursue, to think about you, to crave hearing your voice on the phone, and to want to win your heart and give you the world, then this article is for you.

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Two Caveats Before You Use Feminine Energy To Make A Man Chase You!

Before we dive into the exact process to use Feminine Energy to attract an amazing man, there are two things I want to make clear.

Caveat #1: No Chasing Men!

In a Diva Queen’s world, women do not chase men.

Nature designed Masculine Energy to chase Feminine Energy.

Just like the sperm chases the egg or the peacock dances for the peahen – high-value feminine women never, ever, chase men.

Caveat #2: You Cannot Actually ‘MAKE’ A Man Do Anything!

There is so much content online, where women are being taught how to ‘make a man fall in love’ or and how to ‘make a man chase them.’

Here’s the important thing I want all my clients and my community to understand:

You cannot ‘MAKE’ a man do anything.

This is just a myth that is being sold to us.

In fact, the whole concept of ‘making’ a man do something is very anti-Feminine Energy, because it tells you that you have complete control over the result, and this is simply not true.

But actually, when you use Feminine Energy, the first and the most important thing to understand is that we do NOT have control over the outcome.

Moreover, we can never (and may I say, should never) have complete control over another sovereign human being.

The man that we want to attract is a sovereign human being, and his choices and his desires absolutely count in the process.

Thus, even when you use Feminine Energy, you cannot really ‘make’ a man do anything.

Now that I’ve given you the bad news, I also want to give you the good news – because, of course, I am still here showing you how to inspire a high-quality man to chase you!

How To Use Your Feminine Energy To Make A Man Chase You

The good news is that even, though we don’t have complete ‘control’ over a man, what we do have as women is INFLUENCE.

Now, influence is not the same as control.

Control is where you want to be completely in charge of a process. Influence is about getting the odds to go in your favor, increasing the probability of your success with the man that you like.

When you use Feminine Energy, when you are in this high-value Diva space that I talk about in all of my work, then you have a high amount of influence over men.

Now, with this in our minds, let’s look at the top three ways you can get a high-quality man to chase you.

Tip #1: Be Desirable!

‘Being desirable’ does not mean that you have to put a lot of pressure on yourself, to lose a lot of weight or get a perfect tan – or whatever you think is the way for you to be beautiful.

However, we have to acknowledge that men ARE visual creatures, and a man is simply not going to chase you if he is not feeling desire for you.

By that, I mean sexual attention, his desire to want to sleep with you. There is nothing bad about a man desiring us physically. In fact, it is a very important part of the process of romance.

My invitation to all of you, lovely ladies, is to really make sure that you’re putting your best selves out there.

In online dating, this can be as simple as making sure that your pictures are high-resolution, with good lighting, and present you from the best angles. I offer detailed advice on optimizing your online dating profile in this comprehensive toolkit.

Being desirable can also look like putting on the best clothes, maybe even playing around with a little makeup, trying some new hairstyles, wearing some more colorful, feminine dresses, showing some skin.

If there’s any resistance to doing that, you may want to ask yourself, why are you resisting showing up as your best self? Do you judge the fact that feminine women wear makeup and pretty dresses? If that is the case, deeper healing and inner work might be in order for you.

Tip #2 To Use Feminine Energy: Surrender To His Pursuit

What does it mean to surrender to his pursuit? As high-achieving women, we’re so used to just going for what we want.

In fact, this is the message of feminism: “You can have everything you want. If you like something, go for it, don’t stop till you’ve got it.”

But this is exactly the reason why so many of us who see success in our careers, don’t find the same success in our love lives.

That’s because we’re trying to replicate those principles of career success into our love lives.

And this just doesn’t work, because romance works on biology, on the principles of attraction and sexual polarity.

It is extremely important that, no matter how successful you are, in your love life, you respect the polarity of the Masculine and the Feminine, and you are able to give up control and let a man lead the pursuit.

This means the man is initiating. The man is pursuing. The man is, at least in the initial stages of dating, coming towards YOU.

Use Feminine Energy To Make Him Chase You

Now, what I have seen after having worked with very successful women, is that a lot of them lean back this way and surrender to a man’s pursuit, but they are still very outcome-oriented about it.

In other words, they lean back, they relax, they tell themselves, “I’m going to let the man do all the chasing and the pursuing,” and yet they’re very anxious about the outcome.

Indeed, this is still masculine. If you don’t call a man but you’re waiting by the phone feeling worried (“Is he going to text me? Why hasn’t he called me?”), you are still not at a place where you truly use Feminine Energy.

Because being fully surrendered would look like embracing the concept that, if a man was meant to be in your life, he would follow up, he would pursue YOU, without you having to do anything.

Just think of it this way:

How easy is it for you to pick up your phone and send a text? It takes five seconds. Well, that’s how easy it is for a man when he likes you and when he wants to pursue you.

This is why it’s so important to remember that men are still sovereign human beings, and you may be an amazing woman and yet, you may not be a match for the man that you like.

Instead of obsessing and beating yourself up and wondering if you’re ‘good enough’, just understand that, if he really wants it, he is going to come for it, and there’s nothing more that you have to do.

That is the true way of using Feminine Energy – fully surrendering and fully accepting the man’s role in pursuing you, at an energetic level.

Tip #3: Be Warm & Inviting

Last but not the least, my third tip around getting a high-quality man to chase you is to be warm and inviting.

We live in a world of abundant and conflicting dating advice, false ‘rules’ and bad advice like “don’t let him see that you’re interested in him, act busy and unavailable.”

Because of these misunderstandings, many women get ‘scared of acting too eager’ when a man does pursue them.

We think this is the way to use Feminine Energy, but in face we are just being cold and putting up a wall.

In truth, high-value masculine men will never chase a woman where they feel like they can’t win, or they have to jump over hoops and hoops and hoops just to be able to get her to be interested in him.

That is why being warm and inviting is important when a man shows the signs he is interested in you. It is a way to show that it is SAFE for him to pursue us.

Of course, making it safe and easy for a man to pursue you is not the same thing as chasing HIM.

It looks as simple as saying something soft and sweet to appreciate his effort. Some practical examples include:

  • “Oh, how wonderful to wake up to a message from you this early in the morning!”
  • “Oh, how lovely to hear your voice!”
  • “Awww, this feels so good. Thank you for planning this date for us.”

This is the core of Feminine Energy: safety, warmth, invitation, and softness.

Don’t be afraid to show your heart. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings. Don’t be afraid to let him see that he makes you happy, because this is the number one way that he’s going to keep coming to you for more.

Beyond How To Use Feminine Energy To Make A Man Chase You

Getting a man to pursue you is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the magic of Feminine Energy.

Feminine Energy is the foundation of a healthy romantic relationship, and it is not just men that crave it in a woman – it is also us women that need it FOR OURSELVES, to thrive in our own lives.

At the request of my community, I am holding a brand new, LIVE Feminine Energy experience, between January 28th-31st. In this cutting-edge program, we will be diving deep into the Feminine Art Of Romance, and exploring:

  1. How to truly align yourself to the Feminine energetically, not just at the superficial level.
  2. How to fully surrender (and make dating anxiety disappear!)
  3. How to be warm and inviting by ‘softening your edges’
  4. How to be able to show your heart and enhance the connection with a man (without feeling unsafe)
  5. How to truly receive (a core quality of the Feminine) and allow a man to make you happy.

Check out all the details here and reserve your live spot at a special price!

Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

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