3 Reasons Why A Man Isn’t Stepping Up To Claim Your Heart [Video]

Hi there Diva lady,

You’re beautiful, you’re smart and successful, you know what you want in life; you take care of yourself, dress to impress, go to the gym, fill your time with engaging hobbies; you’re an all-round amazing woman. AND YET, this man that you’re seeing and that you like, is not stepping up to claim your heart.

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What’s going out here, and how can you turn it around?

In this video that I shot for my Facebook page, I share the most common 3 reasons why a man is not stepping up:

And here’s a re-cap for you if you can’t listen to the video above, or if you’re the type who remembers better when reading:

Reason #1: Men don’t step up when we are being in Masculine Energy.

Reason #2: Men don’t step up when we are Disconnected from our own Heart, Feelings and Vulnerability.

Reason 3: Sometimes, men don’t step us simply because they are not emotionally ready or available.

The third reason is something we cannot control, no matter how hard we try. We cannot “make” a man step up and claim our hearts if he is not the right man for us.

What we CAN and should do, is take personal responsibility for our own part, and this is where learning and growing comes into play. It’s up to us to cultivate our feminine energy, to get in touch with our feelings, to become the best, most irresistible version of yourself you can be – the one that that inspires men to step up and claim her heart!

Any how do you do this? By acquiring new and more efficient love skills (the same love skills that have brought my clients dozens of engagements already).

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Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

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