How To WIN In Love + Christmas Sale!

Let’s do a little thought experiment. From the two scenarios below, which woman do you think with ‘win’ in love and with men?

Scenario A For First Date Set Up: 

Man – “Hey, sorry. I have to cancel tonight. Boss says team meeting may take longer.” 

Woman A immediately – “No problem. You can always make it up to me on another date. I am free this Sunday after 6 pm. Let me know if that works for you.” 

Man – “Haha. Yes, we have to see about that. Work can be annoying at times.”

Scenario B For First Date Set Up: 

Man – “Hey, sorry. I have to cancel tonight. Boss says team meeting may take longer.” 

Woman B – “Ok.” 

Man after two hours, knowing that he’s not probably going to hear more from her – “I know this is upsetting. I can’t wait to make it up to you. When are you free next?” 

Woman B – “Sunday 6 pm can work.. but only up for grabs if you promise to make it.” 

Man – “You bet I will cross mountains and be there!” 

Expert Analysis – Which Woman Will WIN In Love?

While this is am early dating scenario example, it is equally relevant for women in committed relationships. For them, this applies to those cases whern uncomfortable conversing with their men occur – in other words, how to win in love with YOUR man!

No matter your relationship status, if you want to win in love, it’s crucial to understand the power of respecting the polarity of masculine / feminine energies and the role they play in building and keeping attraction alive.

Now, are both these women in the above dating scenario AMAZING and deserve grand love? 

Absolutely. Heck yeah! 

But which woman do you think creates a deeper, instinctive attraction in the man and actually goes on that date to get things started, i.e., wins in love? 

Woman B, any day! 

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And her words don’t really matter as much, because her ENERGY is on point!

Now here’s how these two women, who are otherwise identical in their career success, status and good looks, are creating completely different emotional experiences when it comes to their romantic interactions with men: 

With woman A gives him a time for the next date without him asking for it himself. 

His sub-conscious mind goes: “Ah. She’s in and ready and available. Nothing to hunt. No challenge.” 

Woman A has what I call in the Wunder world, the ‘leading’ energy in dating, or popularly called Masculine Energy. She has no qualms about making things happen to just move things forward to the date.

Just that this energy actually SLOWS your speed down in dating, because it makes masculine men recoil and withdraw energetically. Remember he said –  “Let’s see about that.” 

With woman B, however, she understands the power of detail and nuances, and more than anything, she understands the power of being in her surrendered feminine energy around the man.

She is relaxed and not trying to make anything happen. 

She is also not being overtly nice or friendly to the man (no good girl!).

She is just being objective, respecting his leadership + she’s establishing a standard. 

She creates space for him to step up and lead. 

Who does the man want to rise up for? 

Woman B, as clear as day. 

how to win in love

How To Win In Love

Every day, I see many amazing women in my community focus so much on superficial texting and “what to say to a man” kind of approaches to men. 

And they don’t really work… unless you understand the energetics of the Masculine and Feminine exchange. 

Who is leading in the energy exchange, and who is surrendered? 

Today, I invite you to go deeper into understanding how emotional attraction and Masculine / Feminine Energy Polarity actually works, and put your focus on learning and implementing that in your interactions with men… because when you do that, it all starts to feel easy and crystal clear… as to why they behave they way they do. 

Even if you’re a hyper-powered, successful woman who likes to go FAST, FAST, FAST — understanding and implementing energy polarity will change the game for you. 

Diva Tip 1: In dating, slowing down will actually make you go faster with masculine, empowered men, as your slowing down makes them want to speed up!

Diva Tip 2: In relationships, when you slow down and let him lead, you will make your man ‘feel’ the chills like he first felt when he met you!

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win in love

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It is the season of faith, love and joy!

Thank you for being a part of my community and for your trust.  

To your thumping success in love, 
Sami Wunder 

Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

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