Do You Worry About Not Finding Love? 4 Mindset Shifts For You

If you’re an intelligent, conscious, single woman on the journey of attracting your soulmate, chances are you sometimes worry about not finding love.

In fact, I can bet that you’ve stopped and asked yourself, at least once – “Am I ever going to find my man? Is this ever going to work out for me?”

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Now, here’s the two truths I want you to know and hold close to your heart:

  1. Nothing’s wrong with you.
  2. You need to understand that attracting love success is so very different from how so many of you are used to attracting career success or money success.

Let’s dive deeper.

do you worry about not finding love

Why You Worry About Not Finding Love In The First Place

The main reason so many amazing women worry about not finding love, is a perceived lack of control over this area of their lives.

What do we do if we want to run a more successful business or make more money or get more promotions in our career?

Mostly, we hire a biz mentor, join a credible business coaching group program, and bingo!

With the access to a step-by-step process and ‘how to’ and new ideas and strategies, for the women who have the ability to focus and implement, they will get results.

And these results will be quick, tangible, and they will make you feel so powerful and in control of your success and money.

Because HECK, you are in control when it comes to your biz and money.

Since you’re the only person involved there, you can DO more and get more, and that feels awesome.

But when you look closely at your love life, you will see that you cannot ‘do more’ and get a man.

This is where it gets challenging for successful women, our core clientele, who are so used to being in control 24/7 of their lives.

It is hard for them (very hard!) to grasp that you cannot just ‘work harder’ and attract your soulmate.

In fact, if you ever tried to work hard for a man, you know it’s totally counterproductive and will push a healthy man away.

You also cannot talk, control, manipulate your way into a high-value man’s heart and ‘make him’ like you and want you, no matter what those male experts mushrooming in the relationship coaching industry ask you to do.

And if you’re honest, that kind of advice on how to seduce him, only makes you feel even more exhausted, because you feel like you can never get it right.

Finally, even being on 200 dating apps and hiring 10 matchmakers may not be the answer to your desire of having a family.


Because, no matter how much you worry about not finding love, you’re not fully in control in the process of soulmate attraction!!!

There, I said that forbidden truth, which nobody else in the industry may have the courage to say to you.

You can do all of these things mentioned above and you can push and work hard, but there is not guarantee of results in your love life.

It is simply not the way it works, and here’s why.

In your career/biz success, you are in control, but in love success, it takes another human being, to tango with you.

  • His desires, his wishes, his preferences also count.
  • His life situation, his past, his history and emotional availability also counts.
  • And while he may think the world of you, he may still not be ready / willing / able to give you what you want.

This breeds disappointment and frustration for so many women, who just want to frigging get a man and start a family.

Women start to worry about not finding love, when they only see a consistent ‘lack of results’ in their love lives.

I know for sure that, if some of my clients could ‘order a soulmate’ like they order a latte at Starbucks, they would do so.

They want the results, and they want it fast, and when they do the work, they want to see the results of it, with the manifestation of a man in their lives.

And that simply won’t happen just like that, because we don’t get to define the timing of it.


We’re not fully in control. The universe and its timing matter too.

Plus, living in the energies of doubt, frustration and questioning daily if you “will ever find a man?” is exactly what you’re going to manifest by the Law of Attraction – the lack of a man...

So how are the women who are manifesting their soulmates making it happen?

How To Stop The Worry About Not Finding Love, And Attract Your Soulmate Instead

Here’s what all our successful clients have in common:

1. Our successful clients understand that they are not fully in control of the process.

This sucks at the start, because it feels like defeat, but actually liberates them emotionally at a whole new level – because they finally stop worrying about every freaking date or man who comes their way.

They learn to surrender more to the plan of the Universe for them vs. trying to control every detail of the process and driving themselves mad.

They finally get it that they cannot control the timing of the man’s arrival in their life and living their lives fully now, will enhance the speed of the manifestation greatly.

2. They take huge amounts of responsibility for their part in the process of soulmate attraction.

This is the part where, by working with us, they actively take responsibility for themselves, their behaviors, their mindset, their thought processes, their negative emotional triggers, their boundaries, and so much more when it comes to their interactions with men.

They proactively learn the skills with curiosity and dedication to bring in a healthy man into their lives.

And they fall in love with the PROCESS of becoming the next level woman who they have 100% faith will attract that next level love to them, without them having to try hard or worry about it.

quote for when you worry about not finding love

3. They understand the power of ‘being’ vs. doing.

You need a whole new different skill set and mindset to attract a wonderful man than you are used to in your career.

And it has little to do with ‘doing’ and everything to do with you ‘being.’

This is a radical concept of Feminine Energy that you learn when working with us, so that you can be irresistible and mesmerizing to men just by being a woman.

4. They seek and receive expert support to hold their energy ‘in the meantime.

The biggest differentiatoe of success between clients who get results in love and those who don’t is their energy management ‘in the meantime.’

What is the ‘meantime’?

It is the time lag between desiring something (your Soulmate) and the desire manifesting (him entering your life).

Most women start happy with the soulmate work, energized and excited, but when the bumps and challenges come on the way, their energy and dedication falls.

That’s fine, we are all humans and we have bad days. But if you don’t have expert support or a community behind you reminding you of your goals and desires, then it is so easy to just throw in the towel, give up on yourself and get jaded.

Or worse still, just focus all your energy on your career/business again and making more money because remember, that’s where you at least get to feel good and in control of your results…

This is why, in our ELEVATE: Next Level Love Inner Circle, we hold the energy of our clients in faith, belief, in a place of never giving up no matter how long it takes.

And not doing this in a way that feels hard or pushy but because it feels so good to be in a place of surrender, faith and rock solid belief that things are always working out for us.

Yes, we are not fully in control in the soulmate attraction process, and that is fine.

It just means you need to learn new skills, different skills than those that help you succeed in your career and biz.

But is success possible?

Absolutely yes.


You were born as love and born to experience love, and there’s nothing standing in your way but your ability to hold that belief deep in your heart like it were the gospel, which it is.

Finally, with the right support, you can master the trust and surrender of Feminine Energy in your love life, as beautifully as you have mastered your empowered masculine energy of succeeding at work.

If you’re an eager beaver (like me!), you can find out the best ways in which we can support you, by booking a complimentary, no pressure, confidential call here and getting in touch with my team.

There is great love here for you, and it awaits you to step up and be the most elevated version of the woman you were born to be.

Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

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